HRR Christmas Party 2019

Christmas is coming and the HRR social event of the year is open for bookings!

This year’s party will take place at the Oak Park Golf Club on Friday December 13th 2019 and it will include a fantastic three course meal and a disco. The evening starts at 7pm, with dinner at 8pm and there will be music and dancing for those who enjoy it and a break out room for those that prefer a quieter area to chat. Hopefully, this meets the need of all our club members. The cost is £36, which is great value for a three course meal. We do rely on members support our social events in order to make them viable  the committee do hope that you will join us for a great evening of friendship and fun. A taxi is also available for those who would like this option.

Please visit the website shop to book your tickets.

We look forward to welcoming you to a fabulous, festive evening!