HRR June Team Event

The great HRR June Team event is finally here! Time to find 4 team mates (teams of 5) to take part. Here are the slightly complicated rules and regulations…any questions please read this again….still not sure, post them here.

1. The distances to be covered are 1K, 1 mile, 3 miles, 10K and 8 miles.

2. One team member must run the 1K, two other team members must run the 1 mile and the two remaining must run the 3 miles timed efforts.

3. In addition, one team member must also run 10K and one other member must also run 8 miles.

So, three people will do one effort and two people will do two.

As previously, you can have as many goes as you like at as many distances as you like, but the results you submit must follow rules 2 and 3.

The distances can be covered on the same run if you wish and can also be covered as part of a longer run, but must be separate, these are effectively segment times.

All results must be submitted, by your team captain, in the correct form (to be provided later) before midnight on Tuesday June 30th.

All run times are on an honesty basis, but as last time feel free to post pics of your lovely new shoes or your Garmin, or maybe just a selection of flowers from your garden!

Entry fee is £10 per team (£2 each). All funds to our club charities, the link is below.

As always, please run safely, in accordance with Govt guidelines, or by your own rules on personal safety whichever are the stricter.

The winning team will be the one that beats its collective target times by the biggest margins. Prizegiving will be on July 5th, when we have some sort of virtual social, details to follow.

If you need team members or a team to join please email Rhea who is playing matchmaker at

Thanks in advance to Jon Cross for his magical MRC work to make the numbers work, he will not be issuing target times in advance so please don’t ask him!

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy #teamhrr