Second Development Group

 Following the progress of the first Coach/Athlete Development Group we are starting a second group. Those who registered their interest the first time around and missed out have been offered places. 

 The format is x4 Athlete from each of the three Peer Groups working with x3 coaches. 

 This new group now has x3 places for Peer Group 1, x2 places for Peer Group 2 and x1 place for Peer Group 3.

 The aim of this initiative is to develop and thus improve both athletes and coaches in their running and technical knowledge. This will give you the opportunity to work closely with your peers and coaches to improve many aspects of your running and performance.

 If you are interested please email by Saturday 10th November 2018. 

 Please there is no need to apply if you applied to be part of the first Development Group initiative.

 If there are more applications than places a draw will take place for the available spots. Don’t worry if you are not successful in the draw as there will be a third Development Group.