Winter Training Camp 2018

Winter Training Camp 2018

This exciting coaching initiative for the club is now full! We hope that this will be the first of many coached training camps. We are sure this will be a very stimulating and productive event for everyone who has signed up to attend.

Below is some information from Kevin about the up coming event.


The word philosophy is a bit corporate speak for a club like ours, but I couldn’t think of another.   word that would sum up the camp’s aims. The idea is to get a group of like minded club members committed to their running, to train, run and live together over a longer period. To provide these athletes, (you are going to have to get used to be called an athlete) with the opportunity to train like a professional within the club’s amateur environment.

Of course this camp, along with all the club’s training and events, is for all members. The only thing we ask for is effort and application, which every athlete is capable of no matter what level of ability. I haven’t mentioned the Fun word yet. Of course it will be fun, in fact it will be a bloody laugh, but all runners have a masochistic slant to what they call fun, rest assured this will be fully catered for at the camp!

The Winter Training Camp will run from Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th January 2018 near the Welsh Boarders in a little place called Glasbury near Hay on Wye. This area has been chosen to get far enough away that you can’t run back, also near enough to get two runs in on the first day (Friday). It is also great for running routes and access to Hay Bluff and Offa’s Dyke.

For those of you who have signed up it looks like it will be a great opportunity to improve your running whilst having great fun with other club members.