Hart Road Runners 2nd Claim Membership 2022/23


Second Claim Membership for the period: 1st March 2022 until 28th February 2023. 

Second Claim membership is available for those club members who hold first claim with another claim and have therefore paid their EA membership fee via that membership. The EA membership fee of £15 is removed for second claim members.


Please only order a membership product for yourself and not for others. This is due to data usage and associated declarations that need to be made as part of this process.
Please enter your date of birth
Please select your sex. We need this for England Athletics registration purposes.
Hart Road Runners is a UKA affiliated club. We register all our members with UKA unless they inform us they are a member of another affiliated club.
Please let us know if you are affiliated with any other clubs
Please let confirm you wish HRR to register you with UKA
The club is run by volunteers and it would help greatly if every member volunteered at some time during the club year.
My name, address, telephone number and e-mail will be included on the Hart Road Runners address list and I understand that this information will only be used for club purposes. It will not be shared with any third parties with the exception of England Athletics for registration purposes. For more information please refer to the Clubs Privacy Policy, which can be found on the Hart Road Runners website (here) or requested from a Committee member.
Please accept the club using your data.
Please let us know if we can use photos of you in club promotional materials
New members, please let us know
I.C.E.: please provide a contact name and telephone number of an emergency contact for use in the unlikely case of an on run emergency.
Please enter your I.C.E contact name
Please supply I.C.E. contact number
Please acknowledge that you have read and accepted the club's code of conduct located here.
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