Hart Road Runners is a friendly, inclusive running club for runners in the Fleet, Church Crookham and surrounding areas. We typically meet as a club outside the entrance to Hart Leisure Centre in Emerald Avenue, Fleet (but this can vary so please check the calendar) on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm and Thursdays at 7:00pm. There are a number of other sessions that take place so please see the Coaching page to find out which sessions are right for you.

HRR was formed 40 years ago by a small group of sporting enthusiasts from Fleet & Church Crookham area, who wished to train together for the first Fleet Half Marathon. In those days the Club was known as the “Fleet Run for Fun Club”.

The Club went from strength to strength, with the name changing to “Hart Road Runners”, in fact, the Club still has some of those founder members running today.

The objective of the Club is to encourage and promote amateur road and cross country running in a inclusive and supportive environment. To meet these objectives we offer the following activities to any runner who either wants to develop further or just run for fun: Track training, Coached Sessions, Group runs, Road Running and Cross Country Leagues, and Club Competitions. Our aim is to offer as many diverse and interesting activities as possible so that there is something to suit everyone.

The club meets regularly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays so why not come down and join us, meet the coaches and try out a couple of sessions. If you decide to join you will have access to our highly trained and experienced coaches, who can offer training plans suited for your individual goals. You will also receive our weekly news emails and to enjoy other club benefits. Please click on the link to find out more information on how to join the club or attend a first session.

We receive a lot of queries about what standard you have to be to join. As mentioned above, we cater for those who can run 5 km to semi-elite. If you can run 5 km (at any speed), we’d suggest Saturday sessions. If you can run around 10 km (at any speed) come along on a Thursday night – you can either join our 6 mile run or a further distance of around 7-9 miles. In winter these are road runs, in summer we go off-road quite a lot. On Tuesdays we run coached sessions to improve speed and endurance, during winter months these are mainly on-road and often off-road during the summer. On Mondays we run sessions at the track.

The Club is managed by a Committee of members, according to the rules laid down in our constitution. We are affiliated to England Athletics, the Amateur Athletics Association and other recognised sporting associations from time to time.

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