All sessions are planned by our qualified volunteer coaches who have vastly improved the overall fitness and performance of our members.

The coaches will also help with personalised training sessions if requested.

The Coaching Team


Kev Munt

Head Coach

SPECIALITY – Endurance running 10k to Ultra marathon
BEST RACE ENTERED – Challenge Weymouth Iron Distance Triathlon
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Coaching Women’s Inter-services Marathon Champion 2011
EXPERIENCE – 5 years as Athletics Coach. Attended European Marathon Conference and UK National Endurance Conference. On the EA local Coach Development Plan


Alan Arnold

Bridge Club

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Leader in Running Fitness
SPECIALITY – Building up distances to 6 miles for novices Leads the club’s ‘Bridge Club’ a running group for starters and improvers
BEST RACE ENTERED – London Marathon
EXPERIENCE – 7 years a coach, 20 years with Hart Road Runners


Angela Austin

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Coach in Running Fitness
SPECIALITY – Marathon running
BEST RACE ENTERED – Goofy Challenge, Disney, Florida (2012); Marlborough Downs 33mi Challenge (2013); Man v Horse (2013); Race the Train 30th Anniversary (2013); Reykjavik Marathon (2013); London Marathon (2015); Endure 24 (2015)… among many…!
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Race to the Stones 2015, 100kms from Watlington to Avebury
EXPERIENCE – 5 years coaching with HRR, marathon running since 1994


Neil Cunliffe (Spin)

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Leader in running fitness
SPECIALITY – Middle distance to Marathon
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – 32 years a member of Hart Road Runners!
EXPERIENCE – 4 years coaching


Andy Danson

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Coach in Running Fitness
SPECIALITY – No specialisation happy to help with any distance from 5km to 100km, whether chasing a specific time or just wanting to finish
BEST RACE ENTERED – 1 year as a coach, 4 years member of HRR
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Winning male pairs team at Endure24 2014
EXPERIENCE – Completed races at most distances up to and including 100k and have many more on my target list


Nigel Marchant

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Level 2 coach award (running and endurance) 2007, First Aid in Sport 2014
SPECIALITY – Half marathon and above
BEST RACE ENTERED – Race to the Stones 2014 (100K off road)
EXPERIENCE – HRR member since 1998, coaching since 2005. Currently undertaking Endurance official qualification (to become Race Director)


Ged Ruffle

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – UKA Event Group Endurance Coach/Athletics Coach/Coach in Running Fitness
SPECIALITY – Cross Country, half marathon, marathon
BEST RACE ENTERED – 2001 Carlton London 10k – my first race
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Helping athletes get their London Marathon Good for Age qualification, coaching London Marathon Championship Althetes
EXPERIENCE – Started running 2001, coaching from 2011


Grahame Smee



Gill Stone

Run England

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Coach in Running Fitness
SPECIALITY – 10k to Marathon for beginners
BEST RACE ENTERED – The Swiss Alpine Marathon, Davos
EXPERIENCE – 3 years coaching with HRR. ‘Run England’ Group Leader


Ross Wallingford

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Leadership in Running Fitness
SPECIALTY – 5k,10k and Half Marathon
BEST RACE ENTERED – London Marathon, all Cross Country Races
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Mixed team winner at the inaugural Hart4 2016. London Marathon finisher
EXPERIENCE – 1 years coaching and 3 years HRR member


Darren Stafford

COACHING QUALIFICATIONS – Leader in Running Fitness
SPECIALTY – Marathon Running
BEST RACE ENTERED – Paris Marathon 2015 – running a marathon abroad adds many new dimensions to an already tough race
HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT – Finishing 2nd at Endure 24 in a Mixed 3-5 category in 2015
EXPERIENCE – 7 years as a runner and 5 years with Hart Road Runners