Covid 19 Update

Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic our usual training and running schedule has been suspended for the time being. At the present time, we are following EA guidance and all our training and running session are booked in advance through the shop on the website. This enables us to ensure track and trace is available and also to ensure we can practice social distancing and other health and safety measures to keep our members safe. All sessions offered by the club have been risked assessed in line with EA guidance. 

Covid 19 Sessions

  • Monday Track session at Aldershot Military Stadium starting at 7pm
  • Tuesday Training Sessions  various locations in Fleet starting at 7pm
  • Wednesday Session at Edenbrook Country Park starting at 6.35pm
  • Thursday Training session starting at 7pm
  • Thursday Club run (coming soon)
  • Saturday 3.4 mile led run starting at 9.00 am

Here is an explanation of the weekly sessions.

1) Fitzroy Road – Speed work – 200m/400m/800m & 1k intervals
2) Turners Avenue – Speed work – 400m/800m or timed pyramid intervals
3) Ibworth Lane – Hill Work – Short hill repeats
4) Hawkley Way – Hill Work – Kenyan Hills – looped endurance session
5) Mounts Way – Hill Work – Hill SeeSaw based on two hills – strength endurance
6) Avenue Road – Hill Work – Long & short hill repeats or Fartlek session
7) Knoll Road – Speed Work – Varying distance looped intervals/ Cloverleaf
8)Aldershot Polo Fields – Speed work – 400m/800m intervals or timed efforts on grass
9) Track – Speed work – 200m/400m/600/800m & 1k and timed Intervals
10) Wednesday evening and Saturday morning – Led run up to 3/4 miles recovery pace
All the sessions are mixed ability. I hope this helps you decide.

Please book in the Shop section of the website.

The schedule below has been suspended for the

time being. Please see above for club activities. 

We have a varied training schedule devised by our coaching team, with sessions most nights of the week.  See the sidebar on the right for a quick summary of what’s coming up, click here to see the full training calendar or continue reading for more details …

Monday Track Training

Track work is lots of things – hard, enjoyable, inclusive, rewarding – and measurable. You will record your times from each session, you will see them improve and you will build on the number of repetitions.

Track work is NOT just for fast and/or experienced runners. All levels of experience and ability are welcome and the sessions will be tailored accordingly. Have a look at our track summary.

Track sessions take place every Monday at 7.30pm with coaches from Hart Road Runners and Farnham Triathlon Club, Aldershot Military Stadium, Queens Rd. Cost: £3/runner

See the training and events calendar for further details.

Tuesday Night Training

Tuesday sessions are designed to improve members speed and hill endurance.

Most Tuesday training sessions start at 7:30pm from the Hart Leisure Centre (where there is ample parking and also changing facilities). Make sure you see the club calendar for specific information, especially during summer months where runs may start from elsewhere.

See the calendar or upcoming schedule for specific details of each Tuesday evening training session.
See a brief description of the different types of session.

Thursday Night Training

Thursday is the club’s running evening with routes ranging ranging from 6 to 9 miles. There are a variety of paced groups and groups will be formed on the night. There will always be someone for you to run with.

During the autumn/winter months there are four basic runs. Click on the link to see a map of the route. Please wear Hi-Viz.

Please  check the club calendar for dates of each location.

During the summer running schedule routes start from various points.

Please see the schedule for winter 2020 here

Wednesday Evening & Saturday Morning

A friendly, supportive group aimed at those who can run at least 2.5 miles (speed doesn’t matter) and who would like to build up their distance. Particularly suited to those who are not yet confident about joining the main club nights or who are coming back from injury or illness.

Distances run on Saturdays vary from 2.5 to 8 miles and are decided on the day, with the group sometimes splitting into smaller groups to allow for everyone’s needs. You will not feel under pressure to do more than you wish, but you will be encouraged to improve when you are ready.

This group is also suitable for more established runners who would like a relaxed social run at a moderate pace, mainly on the canal towpath and nearby footpaths.

The sessions start as follows:
6.05pm and 6.30pm at the canal bridge by the Barley Mow in the summer months.
6.05pm near Elvetham Heath community centre in the winter months.
9.00am and 9.30am at the canal bridge by the Barley Mow.
9.00am Last Saturday of the month at Bourley car park.

Check the club calendar for details.