Fundraising for a Portable Defibrillator 

Each member has the opportunity to raise funds for the club with no extra effort required and we are hoping to raise enough funds to buy defibrillator like this one.

If one of our club members was to suffer a cardiac arrest the defibrillator is the only form of treatment and needs to be used, along with CPR, within 3-5 minutes. Not enough time to wait for an ambulance to arrive! This would then raise their chance of survival from a mere 6% to 74%. Without a defibrillator, survival chances decrease by approximately 10% per minute after a cardiac arrest. This one is compatible with the local ambulance service and won’t need removing when they arrive.

Hart Road Runners has joined Easyfundraising to try and raise the money for this and you could help raise funds for the defibrillator by doing your normal online shopping via the Easyfundraising site and register. There is also an Donation Reminder Extension for the PC that you can download which automatically lets you know if a donation to HRR is available as you shop online.

How does Easyfundraising work?

Easyfundraising works with over 2000 retailers who have all agreed to pass a donation to good causes every time you shop with them. The donation is usually a percentage of how much you spend. Retailers include Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, Argos, Sainsbury’s and hundreds of other well known names.

What do you need to do to raise money?
Register with log Easyfundraising first use the link below to find HRR.  Then download the Donation Reminder Extension, which makes it much easier to collect donations as you don’t need to visit the Easyfundraising site each time you shop. More money is raised this way as it automatically makes the donation each time without having to go to the site first. If you prefer not to then log in to Easyfundraising and then you’ll then be taken to the retailer’s website, where you shop as you would normally. But because you visited Easyfundraising first, your cause (Hart Road Runners) gets a donation. It really is that simple.

What’s the catch?
No catch. Whatever you buy costs exactly the same as it would if you visited the retailer site directly. Easyfundraising don’t take any financial information from you as all your transactions are with the retailer. They won’t sell your information on and they won’t spam you. It doesn’t cost you or Hart Road Runners anything.

How do the causes get the donations?
Every three months Easyfundraising totals up how much the supporters have raised and providing it is over £15, we receive the funds. If the amount raised is less than £15, it is carried forward to the next quarter. At the moment we have raised £64 but we need to raise at least £800!

How do I start?

1. Head to the Easyfundraising site and join for free

2. Down load the Donation Reminder Extension, which will mean you don’t have to visit the Easyfundraising site each time you shop. This extension will be offered to you on the site after registering. This easy to use extension will automatically lets you know if a donation is available as you shop online. It is a gentle reminder, to help us earn money to turn into a donation for HRR.

3. If you don’t want the extension, every time you shop online, go to Easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

4. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to Hart Road Runners for no extra cost whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges and Hart Road Runners will be really grateful for your donations.

Fundraising for Charity

The club actively raises funds for good causes throughout the year and many organisations have benefited from the generosity of our members and their fund-raising efforts.

Phyllis Tuckwell

The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice is the club’s official charity and receives a share of the money raised every year. This includes donations from the annual Hospice to Hospice run, around World Hospice Day. This event involves members running approximately 10 miles from the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham to The Shooting Star Chase Hospice, just outside of Guildford. The money raised is split between the two hospices. Phyllis Tuckwell also receives the proceeds from the refreshments at the HRR Lord Wandsworth Schools Cross Country Series event and 50p from each entry.

Other Charities

In addition, we also support the British Heart Foundation in memory of Mike Cloke and the charity benefits from funds raised in the Annual Mike Cloke run in January when we are also joined by Fleet & Crookham club at the event.

Furthermore, at the AGM, every attendee has the opportunity to nominate other charities for consideration by the committee. In 2019,  the charities nominated and agreed at the AGM, were Pyjama Faries and Kidney Research. They will receive donations from activities this current year. The monies raised by the raffles at the Awards Dinner and the Christmas Party and any other donations made by the members throughout the year are donated to these charities, as well as the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can get involved and make a difference, both in terms of fundraising for charities and raising money for the club. Any other suggestions for fundraising are very welcome and please talk to one of the committee members.