Review of the Southern XC League 21st January 2018

SXCL Race 5 Manor Farm 21st January.

A few words from Ged about the event.

A big thank you to the 13 members who braved the elements to support team HRR in the penultimate XC of the season.

In the rain and the mud the depleted team work managed to finish in 9th place but as a club we know we are much better than this.

Big congratulations to every member out there today, our finish order was:

Men: Ross Wallingford. Chris Boddy, Ged Ruffle, Charlie Boffin, Richard Wheeler, Alastair Baillie, Spin, Darren Wood

Ladies: Sarah Cleland, Louise Aps, Sabrina Steel, Nichola Shearer, Kathryn Gould. Everyone really deserves a shout out for tackling the tough conditions.


The final race for the 2017/18 season will be held at Polecat Valley, Hindhead on 25th February.